The WLTCG Nitro Cars Price List

  • Monday, 20 September 2021
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The WLTCG Nitro Cars Price List

All terrain vehicle (ATV) fans should know about toys because they have been providing innovative ATV accessories and parts for more than ten years.wltoys rc cars If you are new to the RC hobby, wltoys can provide you with the most complete range of accessories and parts for your vehicle. Their RC car range features everything that an avid RC driver could dream of. The new toys rc cars, with their all terrain performance driving features, offer more driving thrills for all racing enthusiasts.

The toys RTR line of all terrain vehicles has four new models in it: the WLTCG Pro RTR nitro buggy, the WLTCG Pro 4WD nitro remote control car, the WLTCG Pro Rock Crawler buggy, and the WLTCG RTR nitro sport model.wltoys rc cars wltoys rc cars Each model is designed to perform like the other models in the series and to be easy to operate and customize. These four models in the WLTCG Pro RTR nitro RC car and the other models in the WLTCG range are very realistic, with excellent realism and great sound effects.

The WLTCG RTR is the newest model in the WLTCG Nitro RC car range.wltoys rc cars wltoys rc cars It is designed for users who are serious off-road racers, having a desire to conquer every obstacle on the way to the finish line. It is rated at 55 km/h, using two tires that are similar in size and performance. One of the tires is fitted with a remote control, which is operated by pressing a button, similar to the remote of a real RC car. The other tire uses a spring suspension system to provide smooth operation.

The second in the range of WLTCG Nitro RC cars is the WLTCG Pro Crawler, an advanced model offering top-notch performance and ease of use.wltoys rc cars wltoys rc cars Like the previous product, this one has two tires, but the difference is that the second tire has a remote built into it, which can be operated by pressing a button. The Pro Crawler also offers a self- balancing effect, which makes it highly agile. It also comes with self-retracting landing gear and front bumper diffuser, which allow the car to not only look good, but to run smoothly as well.

The third in the WLTCG Nitro RC cars price list is the WLTCG RTR, a professional-level buggy. It is an extremely powerful vehicle, rated at 120 km/h and capable of tackling medium-sized obstacles on the road. The price of this particular vehicle is slightly higher than the other two, thanks to the extensive features it comes with. The RTR also comes with the unique self-balancing effect, which allows it to move and balance on the go. The buggy also features remote starting, which allows it to be used in both wet and dry conditions, and comes with an automatic starter.

Finally, the last model in the WLTCG Nitro RC cars price list is the WLTCG Scania Tatra Cuda, an advanced model in the line. This vehicle is capable of handling most of the common obstacles, thanks to its high agility level and lightweight construction. Its powerful motor allows it to be capable of powering through most of the tunnels and over jumps. To add to all the impressive features, the Scania Tatra Cuda has been equipped with a rear diffuser, an important safety component that protects the vehicle from the effects of bumpy roads.

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