How to Build an RC Double Sided Vehicle

  • Thursday, 04 November 2021
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How to Build an RC Double Sided Vehicle

RC Double Sided Vehicles are the latest craze in the radio controlled hobby arena.rc double sided vehicles They're basically a two-sided radio controlled vehicle that can be purchased as either a complete vehicle, or a series of items that snap together to form the vehicle. The vehicles have a top and bottom half. Many of them come with different options, such as fully functioning windows for your passengers to have a look at the real scenery, flip up landing skids for landing on the grass or snow and many more options. What's great about them is that they're inexpensive and easy to build and operate - ideal for the RC enthusiast on a budget. Here's how you can build a simple, cheap, reliable and fun RC Double Sided Vehicle in no time.

You'll need - A donor car, a ladder (or two), some glue, a pencil, RC screws, bolts, a nut driver and a couple of screws or nuts.rc double sided vehicles rc double sided vehicles This could be some old school Radio Controlled car you have laying around, or it could be one of those high tech toys at the toy stores. Just make sure it's something that will work as a basis for your project. If you want, you could also use wood, cardboard, or anything else that's suitable. Just make sure whatever you use has some give.

Next, take your donor vehicle and draw or cut out the shape of it on a large piece of paper. Use a pencil to do this, so you can see exactly what your creation will look like once you've got it all put together. Note where the edges of the car are and where you'd like the curve to be on the vehicle as well as the height.

Once you've drawn the model out, take some more measurements, making sure you mark the lines from nose to tail for the motor to fit and that there is plenty of room in the cab for fuel tanks, radiators and fluids. You'll probably also want to cut out places in the middle for the wheels and rear windows if possible. This can help when assembling the vehicle to ensure it all fits right and is secure. Remember when cutting out the parts that the material is not sharp - you don't want to cut yourself! This is especially true with the front end.

Put the model together according to the instructions that came with your vehicle. There should be some tabs where you can snap the pieces together. It is usually a good idea to glue them down as well to make everything easier to assemble. Once you are happy with your vehicle, attach the wheels and rear window and enjoy your creation.

If you are new to building these projects, I would suggest starting small and then taking your motor and components and building up from there. The smaller pieces will not take as much time to put together. Once you have completed two sided creations you will then be ready for the next level which is creating three dimensional objects. Good luck and happy building!

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