WLtoys xk x520 RC Gilder 2.4G 6CH Remote Control Brushless Motor Stunt Foam Gilder

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  1. Product Name: WLtoys xk x520 RC Gilder 2.4G 6CH Remote Control Brushless Motor Stunt Foam Gilder

WLtoys xk x520 Description:

Basic Information

Brand: WLtoys

Item No.: WLtoys xk x520


Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz


Size: 52*42*12.5cm

Net Weight: 185g

Power System

Motor: brushless motor


LI-POLY 7.4V 950MAH/900MAH 20C


Main material: EPP

Channel: 6

Flight time: 10-12mins

Charging time: 50-60 minutes

Control distance: 150m

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WLtoys xk x520 Features:

1. The use of impact-resistant engineering EPP engineering materials, very impact.

2. 1307 Dual brushless motors, super powerful. 4.3g high-precision digital steering gear, quick response and fast lock.

3. The aircraft adopts a 6-axis gyroscope and air pressure to set the altitude, 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for flying in different scenarios, and more suitable for beginners to advance to practice flying.

4. A variety of modes are available for conversion, and both beginner mode and aerobatics mode can effectively solve the problems of small flying space, inability to taxi to take off, and inability to take off smoothly if beginners have not mastered the essentials of aircraft take-off.

5. The aircraft has multiple flight modes

6. High-capacity, large-rate 7.4V lithium polymer battery, flight time over 10 minutes.

The frame adopts quick installation and disassembly structure, which is easy to carry.

7. Customers can choose 720P HD image transmission, 2.4G WIFI and 5.8G image transmission, and the camera can adjust the angle.

8. 2.4G communication protocol, high-precision potentiometer rocker accuracy 1024 grades, accurate centering, delicate operation

WLtoys xk x520 Package Included: 

1 * Color Box Package

1 * RC Gilder

1 * Remote Controller

1 * Airplane Battery

1 * Adapter

1 * Charger

2* Blade

1 * User Manual

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Item No.:
WLtoys xk x520
Flash, vertical takeoff and landing

Reviews (22)

Recent Reviews ( 22 )
Very good shopping. Perfect flight with the Stabilizer. In advanced mode it is more difficult to control but in any problem you put it in beginner mode and autocintrola. Good salesman. He arrived quickly in a few days. I'll buy another model again.
Spectacular for your price. It flies very well and is easy to handle.
product was as explained no cheating worked just fine box came unscratched was well taped
I didn’t buy from this vendor but I must say this is a very cool first rc plane to fly. I never had a plane and have 10 drones so the curve was a bit easier. The vertical take off and landing switch is a life saver! It is easy to take off and transition to horizontal flight and super smooth to fly. It can take some decent crashes, just remember to recalibrate after a crash and it will fly again good as new. I actually broke the nose off of mine after plowing in doing a loop.... my mistake totally.... glued it on and it is fine! About 10 minutes flight time and you can glide it in for a landing. Super fun if you have a large flying field, 300 meter or 1000 feet control is plenty to fly this fun bird.
Quality price of the aircraft very well achieved, now it needs to be blown to see how it goes.
Magnificent, good plane, very fast. Fast shipping, exact description, and no malfunction or problem. Very happy.
Everything is all good except the lights mentioned in the description are missing in my box.
Awesome very fast , does not fly well in drone mode drifts but I see this is common with this plane.
fun to fly ,just keep it tight and don't let it get to far away
Neatly on time and seller responded quickly to questions product looks good is yet to even try it out.
Fly very well, very easy to handle, being of a pretty flexible material holds the possible blows, ideal for children
The package was delivered undamaged. The plane is looking nice and the all electronics seems to be working properly.
This is one of the best rc planes I've ever purchased. i have dozens of flight on it already. And it is a great 1st plane, yet very challenging in expert mode. A mist have!
Super fast arrived, trusted seller Awesome. Thank you
Bought this for my 13 year old to get him outside and off PS4 for a while and he loves it. Originally he wanted a more expensive plane but he has even said he is glad he started with this one. Buy some gorilla foam glue as when it will crash and the nose will break but when glued it is better than new. He has gotten distracted a few time and flown it into the ground for a not so soft landing. Great for the price, get some extra batteries.
Love the plane. flies very well in stabilize mode, would be very easy to teach a newbie with this aircraft here is where we run into a problem and that is the inability to bind to another transmitter you are forced to fly the aircraft with the supplied transmitter which isn't bad but has minimal adjustments available, you can only chose 80%or 100% throws no expo or any other settings. When in expo mode the aircraft is too sensitive making it very challenging to fly i f not for this issue the X520 would be the leader in the category of aircraft INMO.
the plane is nice. The communication with the seller was excellent. I got the package with a missing cover for batteries for the remote and informed the seller , he reached quickly and sent me a new remote. recommended.
This worked perfectly out of the box. Body glued back together easily, just calibrate and flies like new.
This fun flying wing design is fast with it's twin brushless motors and and it switches nicely from 6G stabilization for basic flight to 3D mode for loops and rolls. it also takes a beating. Since the motors are back on the wings you can bash the nose on impacts without any mechanical issues. My son actually snapped the nose entirely off and we fixed it good as new with a little hot glue and some packing tape in under a minute. It was so quick and easy that we didn't even stop to recharge the battery before heading back out for more flying.
This is my first VTOL and brushless RC airplane. It is an amazingly stable flying airplane. No need for a runway to takeoff. Vertical takeoff works well, except for in strong wind. I'm not comfortable enough yet to intentionally try 3 Axis mode, but I have done a loop and flown upside down after accidentally switching it into 3 Axis mode while thinking I was in 6 Axis. Can't wait to get comfortable enough to push the limits. The brushed plane I have is not easy to land on a paved runway. This one is a piece of cake because it's so stable. GREAT PLANE!