WLtoys xk a150 RC Gilder 2.4G 3CH Remote Control Gyro Fixed-Wing Gilder

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  1. Product Name: WLtoys xk a150 RC Gilder 2.4G 3CH Remote Control Gyro Fixed-Wing Gilder

WLtoys xk a150 Description:

Basic Information

Brand: WLtoys

Item No.: WLtoys xk a150 


Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz


Wingspan: 510mm

Fuselage length: 480mm

Flight weight: 72g

Power System

Motor: Coreless motor 0716 *2


Airplane Battery: LI-POLY 3.7V(300MAH) 20C


Main material: EPP 

Channel: 3

Flight time: about 7-8 minutes

Charging time: about 30 minutes

Control distance: 200m

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WLtoys xk a150 Features:

1. According to the Boeing B747 large passenger aircraft scaled down, with high image fidelity and horizontal rudder surface operation structure (utility model patent, patent number: ZL201821688364.3), there are few three-channel designs in the market. It has one channel to control the left and right steering of the aircraft, the second channel to control the aircraft's head up and down, and the three channel to control the aircraft throttle.

2. EPP material, very resistant to impact, flying weight around 70g.

3. Push the dual-engine power backwards, the forward and reverse propellers cancel out the anti-torque force, and the course lock is more stable.

4. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stabilization system, beginners can easily master it.

5. The remote control has the function of large and small rudder amount. Small rudder amount is suitable for beginners to fly. In the state of large rudder amount, continuously pull the lifter stick, and the aircraft can do tendon turning.

6. USB special charger, can charge 2 sets of batteries at a time.

7. The aircraft is fully assembled, the water transfer stickers are all completed, and you can fly right away.

8. Super stable flight, easy for beginners to fly

WLtoys xk a150 Package Included: 

1 * RC Gilder

1 * Remote Controller

1 * Battery

2 * Blade

1 * Gear

1 * Charger

1 * Colorful Package

1 * Manual

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Item No.:
xk a150
Control mode:
Remote control
Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight self-stability system, large and small rudder amount switching

Reviews (20)

Recent Reviews ( 20 )
the delivery time was almost double what was advertised. which led a an anxious boy that aside . the product was great, well described.
Es macht sehr viel Spaß mit dem Modellflugzeug zu fliegen. Wegen der Regelkreise zur Flugstabilisierung ist das Modell auch bei leichtem Wind noch gut zu fliegen. Für Modellfluganfänger, die mit Modellen ohne Flugstabilisierung regelmäßig frustriert sind, ist dies Modell der ideale Einstieg. Der Flug ist sehr gut kontrollierbar.
Arrived sooner than expected with no damage. When the weather improves I'll be able to try it out. Nice model!
this plane is really well built, it was my first plane and within my first five flights I got it stuck nearly at the top of a tree and I thought I’d never see it again but after two weeks of being beaten up by wind and rain in the tree it finally fell down but the whole front of it had fallen off. I didn’t mind I was happy to have it back so I tried to put it all back together with some hot glue and now it flys just like it did when it was brand new. I have no idea how it survived since it still
great little plane very smooth on beginner mode. flight time is around 8 minutes handles a slight wind. perfect for beginners to the hobby. only criticism is only one battery could do with at least 3
this is a great plane and for such a small plane . great features and so much technology crammed in to help a new flyer. this plane flies like a plane should arrived on time and in great condition. really am enjoying this plane and plan to fly alot more. thanks.
Great little plane! Purchased one a while back, and it met with some water and went for a swim downstream into the great beyond. Purchased another one without hesitation. It's a solid flyer, takes a good amount of abuse, and is just plain fun to fly!
vuela muy padre pero lo único malo es que no ase failsafe cuando pierde señal el control
Arrived fast, safe and sound. Recommend the seller.
buen avión .... vuela bien y es una miniatura muy real ... recomiendo
Recieved product. Time of dellivery was good, (two weeks). No aditional custom or import fees, (choosed spain as shipout location). Charged up batteries and done functiontest on ground, everything working properly. Now its up to me, 56 year old first time .atempt ever to fly an RC-model.
This is one of the best rc planes I've ever purchased. i have dozens of flight on it already. And it is a great 1st plane, yet very challenging in expert mode. A mist have!
Perfect product and fast delivery. Package was immaculate although totally visible in original box. Thanks
Arrived in good order thank you... cute little aircraft.. flew it in the yard a little and it flies great need to go to a larger area tomorrow to do the maiden. The self levelling works nice right up to full control at the top. For beginner or seasoned pilot, everyone will enjoy this aircraft.
The plane arrived much earlier than expected, and it was in PERFECT condition!! No smashed box, no issues with delivery, everything intact and working perfectly!! An absolute fun plane to fly, have been looking forward to getting this plane for some time, glad I finally decided to purchase!
Excellent little aircraft for the money. It flies very well and having never flown a aeroplane before I was able to fly well enough to have good fun straight out of the box.
I am exceptionally pleased with this airplane. The plane is durable and can withstand a crash. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable plane that is easy and fun to fly.
The airplane arrived today.. the plane is great.... the package was beat to s*#t. a little better box from the manufacturer would be good if it is being shipped.
This plane is a excellent choice for the beginner that's new to rc planes. I say that cause I am a beginner and I have no problems flying this plane! excellent stabilization system installed. I highly recommend this to any newcomer to rc flying.
a lot of fun, stabilizing builds confidence. very durable, make sure if you do have a hard landing you watch where the prop goes, it pops off to save the motor but can be a pain to find if you didn't see it come off. great plane