JJRC m02 RC Gilder 2.4G 6CH Remote Control Brushless Motor Stunt Foam Multifunctional Gilder

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  1. Product Name: JJRC m02 RC Gilder 2.4G 6CH Remote Control Brushless Motor Stunt Foam Multifunctional Gilder

JJRC m02 Description:

Basic Information

Brand: JJRC

Item No.: JJRC m02

Color: Red, blue

Speed: 15km/h


Frequency: 2.4 GHZ


Size: 45*44.5*10.7cm

Weight: 309g

Power System

Motor: brushless motor


LI-POLY 11.1V (1000MAH) 20C


Charge time: about 150 mins

Flying time: Vertical flight 11-12 mins, level flight 15-16 mins

Control distance: >300m

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JJRC m02 Features:

1. Using impact-resistant engineering EPO engineering materials, built-in carbon fiber rods for reinforcement, very impact.

2. Adopt 3 1370 brushless motors, high-efficiency blades, full power, high-precision, large-torque 5g digital steering gear 2PCS, and pull the front motor. High-precision 4.3g digital steering gear, which controls the aircraft rudder surface.

3. The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope and air pressure to set the altitude, 3D/6G mode conversion, suitable for flying in different scenarios, and more suitable for beginners to advance to practice flying.

4. The aircraft can take off and land vertically, land vertically, and change the air mode. It also has a beginner mode and aerobatics mode. It effectively solves the problems of small flying space, inability to taxi to take off, and inability to take off smoothly if beginners have not grasped the essentials of aircraft take-off and launch. .

5 The aircraft has multiple flight modes

 (1) Multirotor flight (four-axis) in multi-rotor mode, the aircraft can fly vertically, hovering, forward, backward, left and right side fly and spin flight like quadcopters and helicopters, and has a one-key takeoff/one-key landing function.

 (2) Vereticl flight: vertical hoisting mode, air-to-air conversion mode, changing from horizontal flight mode to flying, it can fly vertically, hover, forward and retreat, fly right and left, and fly in spin like X520, quadcopter and helicopter. 

(3) 6G level flight mode Airplane flight, the aircraft is placed horizontally for vertical take-off, one-key switch level flight into 6G fixed-height auto-stabilization mode, realizing vertical flight to horizontal flight seamless docking, gyroscope auto-stabilization, heading lock, very suitable for the beginning Scholars practice flying in fixed-wing mode.

  (4) Outdoor stunt mode. After the plane switches to level flight in the air, the switch will switch to the 3D position, and the plane enters the 3D stunt mode (3D lock mode) to easily perform stunts such as somersaults, rolls and death spirals.

6. High capacity 11.1V lithium polymer battery with high magnification, flight time over 13 minutes.

JJRC m02 Package Included:

1*RC Gilder

1*Remote Controller


1*USB Charger

1*Flying Propeller Forward 

1*Flying Propeller Reverse


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Item No.:
JJRC m02
Youth (15-35 years old)

Reviews (22)

Recent Reviews ( 22 )
Arrivato in ottime condizioni. L'aereo vola bene e stabile. L'unica cosa il radiocomando a poca portata.
Everything perfect, it takes a lot less than I expected, and it meets most of what it promises, very satisfied with the purchase.Would recommend it.
The package was delivered undamaged. The plane is looking nice and the all electronics seems to be working properly.
I have never flied a fixed wing model, this is my first one. I thought it will be hard to keep it in the air, but in fact, it is quite easy!
Flieger nochmal kontrolliert bevor das ich das erste mal geflogen bin hatte doch ein bisschen mehr Qualität erwartet Flieger fliegt gut und macht echt Spaß
Very good product is as specifies even the opinions. Thanks for the product and speed.
looks super cool and everything arrived perfect .. have yet to fly it
Came early than expected... I’m really impressed with the quality of the item. definitely will recommend this plane to anyone starting out!!!! thanks so much!!
when I receive the plane I had never used an RC plane before. Wow really easy to learn to fly and very very fun!!!make sure you have a huge area to fly it in. if you have good eye sight you can use it from a long ways away. my eye are not what they use to be. I had to order another one! lol well worth it
Superb service, very good price and faster than expected delivery time.Awesome!
Perfect Gift! I got this for a few of my friends children for Christmas! They look exactly as pictured and don’t appear to be a “cheap” toy!
Truly a great plane! I'm very impressed with its stabilization. It really can fly in high winds. I was a bit hesitant because I've flown regular rc planes for many years. The reviews are the truth you will be blown away at its stability. I only recommend this product out of amazement at its abilities. My final thought is WOW!!! 
Wonderful little plane, so easy to fly, with stabilization. I am only using hand launch, which works well for me. So reviews seem to show problems taking off with under carriage, a tendency to nose over.
This plane is really well built, it was my first plane and within my first five flights I got it stuck nearly at the top of a tree and I thought I’d never see it again but after two weeks of being beaten up by wind and rain in the tree it finally fell down but the whole front of it had fallen off. I didn’t mind I was happy to have it back so I tried to put it all back together with some hot glue and now it flies just like it did when it was brand new. I have no idea how it survived since it still.
El pedodo llegó hoy. El soporte del motor izquierdo al avion y al servo llegó roto. El embalaje de poluretano algo dañado. Ya he puesto la reclamacion correspondiente a ver como podemos solucionar este problema. .
Parcel was packed well. After many test flight everything looks working well. Had to read instructions to understand all capabilities of the helicopter. Thanks to the seller! Probably will add additional if something goes wrong or bad.
Super good product. You’ve exceeded my expectations. I recommend!
This is a great plane and for such a small plane . great features.this plane flies like a plane should arrived on time and in great condition. really am enjoying this plane and plan to fly a lot more thanks the seller.
Brilliant little plane my first rc plane and perfect for beginners arrived in perfect condition
This is one of the best rc planes I've ever purchased. i have dozens of flight on it already. And it is a great 1st plane, yet very challenging in expert mode. A mist have!